Saturday in Quartier Latin

Porte rouge


Fruit stands

Sunday Market

Dimanche matin


One Saturday morning in June in the Quartier Latin, Paris. This is one of my most favourite neighborhoods.



No, you little pervies. I know what you’re thinking and this is not about that.

Now, for those you you makeup maniacs you’ve probably guessed what this post is about. Urban Decay’s Naked Palettes! I purchased my first one, the original around about April 2012 and I got the Naked Basics palette in June this year  at a Sephora in Paris. There are probably hundreds of posts, comments, tweets and instagram photos of these products but they really are worth the hype especially the original Naked palette. I love the name. So cheeky and fun yet true because once you start using it you’ll  feel naked without it!

Living in Asia Urban Decay is scarce so I was lucky to come across the first one and I’m glad I bought it despite the price. Both are my “go to” palettes since they’re both are very sleek and easy to pack. As you can see my Naked palette has gotten a lot of love as it’s seen better days but never the less it is amazing. The colours are long lasting and there’s a good selection but out of the 12 colours only 2 are matte. The great thing about this palette is it can transition your eye makeup from day to night.  Despite it’s amazing pigmentation and lasting power I still have to use an eye primer as my eyelids tend to get quite oily. In the beginning I used Urban Decay’s Primer Potion that came with the palette but since it ran out I use the Nars eye primer. Another thing about the Naked palette is that it comes with a brush! The brush is just awesome; it doesn’t shed, super soft, easy to clean and is precise. Despite the size I still prefer this one because I just love ALL the colours but when travelling I have to say the Basics is more practical (which is why I take both of them with me since I don’t like to make life easy for myself).

For those looking for a more natural and accessible look the Naked Basics palette is ideal. Perfect for traveling; it can fit into your purse and the mirror is good quality. I’m not sure if a brush is supposed to come with this since there is space for one in the box but any eyeshadow brush will do. There are six colours of which five are matte and one that is slightly shimmery which is a great brow highlighter. The darkest colour, Crave; basically a matte  black is good for lining the eyes. The brown Faint and Naked 2 colours would be ideal for eyebrows but since I don’t use anything on mine don’t take my word on that.

As for the Naked 2 I’m on the edge with it as I have enough selection with the two palettes plus my other eyeshadows so I’m in no rush to get it any time soon. I’ve heard many great things about it but the consistency of the eyeshadow apparently is not as good as the original but the colour selection is better? What do you think?



You will soon realise I will start to talk about products and have no original photos to go with them. This is because I never thought I’d be doing this (blogging) and I’ve either finished the product and thrown it out or given it to someone who would love it more than I do. So I do apologize for not have photographs to go with my text but I will try my best and especially in the future; I will take photos of EVERYTHING and make sure no post is just words. So anything I’ve purchased or any place I’ve visited after July 2013 should have accurate photos.


French Pharmacies

When it comes to beauty stuff you will soon realise I am not the most original. A lot of the stuff I tend to hunt down has been raved about to death but I can’t help it because I feel not enough people know about this stuff. This post is just about the pharmacies themselves and the products I purchased I shall review each separately (so stay tuned).

This summer I took a trip to Paris and number one on my hit list was not the sights and attractions the city is world known for but pharmacies. No, I am not ill or crazy but I do suffer from bad skin and the French are  know for their skincare among other things (architecture, literature, food, politics, cheese, wine, fashion, makeup…). For those unenlightened ones French pharmacies specialize in skincare; if you want medicine you’ll have better luck at the doctors because in France it’s all about cosmetics. I did see your average over pharmacy ware (cough syrup, plasters, aspirin et.c) on a sad neglected shelf -which was were I went to recollect myself from all the crazy-.

City Pharma on Rue du Four

Despite my avid research and note taking I felt was not prepared for the experience when I completed my journey to Mecca a.k.a City Pharma on 26 Rue du Four. The amount of stuff packed into the little store crammed with mainly Chinese, Japanese, Korean, other tourists and the occasional local. It was so easy to get distracted and lose track of my list. My friends, I will suggest if you are not patient and calm or know what you are doing leave City Pharma for bulk buyers and seasoned pros. This place is NOT for the faint of heart. I mean I got there around 12:30pm, granted it was Friday but still! These people knew exactly what the were after, had lists and bee-lined to the product. More specifically, Bioderma and Caudalie. When I made it to the shelf there was this woman just piling the the Beauty Elixirs into her basket; I must admit I was a bit worried there might be none left when I got there.


I have to say the best thing about City Pharma was the selection unlike most French pharmacies which select from certain brands City Pharma carries most of the French ‘drug-store’ type brands so you don’t have to run around all over the place. Unless of course, you only want a few things then I would recommend any regular pharmacy.

For some bizarre reason people brought there little children with them!! I know family holiday and whatever but this isn’t the place for them in any other French pharmacy it would be fine for children but the over stuffed, crazy fish market of a City Pharma? I think not! Maybe if you were some horrid parent that doesn’t mind your child being pushed, shoved, stepped on or squished accidentally then be my guest bring your 5 year-old. Another thing to keep in mind is to read labels CAREFULLY before buying because some things may come in identical packaging but they’re not the same. For example, my second bottle of Bioderma Créaline H2O I picked up at City Pharma has TS written on it which stands très sèches (very dry!) but I didn’t realise this at the shop and only weeks later when I arrived home did I sse it. I have yet to discover the difference but I hope it doesn’t matter.

Despite the frantic and panic I got everything on my list and a bit more (of course) for a fraction of the price if I where to buy any of those products elsewhere in the world. My only regret was I didn’t get enough but there’s always next year…